A remarkable culinary experience is not only given by the goodness of the dish. The way the chef presents himself to customers and conveys professionalism and mastery is also fundamental.

This is why you don’t just look at the hands of the chefs, but also at how they are dressed as they move around the kitchen. Especially in case they leave their kingdom to greet guests in the dining room, it is extremely important for them to make a good impression on the customers.

Traditionally white and double-breasted, chef jackets are an unmistakable quality label.

Practical, clean and elegant – classic chef jackets can be embellished with some custom details such as buttons, collar, sleeves and pockets.

Depending on the personality of the restaurant, a good alternative to the jacket is the kitchen shirt, to be worn under the apron.

Whatever the choice made regarding the chef uniform, there is no doubt that the elegance conveyed by this professional figure is a fundamental business card – proof of the quality of the restaurant.

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We take care of every detail to create unique and personalized garments that reflect the style of each customer.

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We use only premium materials selected with the utmost care to create refined and elegant uniforms.

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Experience, competence, passion. Our staff is extremely qualified – they have been making garments with exceptional skill for years.

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