Uniforms for Yacht and Private Jets

Uniforms for private jet hostesses and yacht crews

Boats and private planes are exclusive environments, in which the staff's appearance must always be polished and suited to the setting.

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Yacht crew uniforms need to be high quality, durable and comfortable, helping to define roles through bespoke yacht uniforms.

Likewise, private jet flight attendant uniforms must reflect the exclusivity of the service, ensuring an elegant style and optimum fit. The air hostess uniform must provide staff with comfort and wellbeing while conveying sophistication and exclusivity

The tailor-made comfort of the Italian-style flight attendant skirt

The most important item of clothing for flight attendants is the flight attendant's skirt, which should be functional and convey a polished and refined image. It must also fit impeccably, facilitating mobility onboard the aircraft.
The skirt can be alternated with a flight attendant uniform featuring trousers, a garment that enhances the elegance of the flight attendant's attire. This allows the seasonality of the uniform to be respected, by wearing clothes adapted to climatic conditions without neglecting style and appearance.

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