The best professional clothing  for sommeliers

An integral part of being a sommelier is the art of being able to come into close contact with people: just like a waiter's uniform, it is equally important to select the best sommelier uniform. After carrying out a thorough sensory analysis of each wine, the sommelier needs to be able to describe the wine and pair it with the guests' choice of meal.

Precisely for this reason, the sommelier's uniform is usually elegant and refined, reflecting the complexity of their work.

From the quality of the fabrics to the buttons, not a single detail should be left to chance, as well as the profession's typical accessories: corkscrews and taste-vins.

Last but not least, a sommelier's uniform should also guarantee a certain degree of comfort to the professional who wears it, without hindering his work.

Sommelier uniform for women

The sommelier apron: how to choose it?

Sommelier uniforms for women are elegant and refined without losing sight of functionality.

Maurel provides a wide range of women's and men's sommelier clothing that can combine classic outfits with personalised suits in line with current trends

The specific apron worn by sommeliers is an essential part of their uniform, as it protects against wine spillage which could stain it. 

The sommelier apron, much like the chef's uniform, usually has large, roomy pockets and serves to protect the front of the body.