Elegance within reach, a memorable welcome

But how can this be achieved without the right dress?
The Maurel uniform supports doormen in their work by helping them to feel comfortable whatever the temperature, and wherever they are in the world. The top luxury hotels have iconic doormen who become, thanks to their uniforms, the image of the hotel that always remains in the guest's memory.

How do you recognise a good doorman uniform?

Maurel's catalogues contain a wide selection of uniforms for luxury hotels. Among them are uniforms designed to dress doormen elegantly yet practically in every situation.
The study of the model, combined with the research into materials that is carried out by Maurel’s stylists for each project, guarantees complete success in terms of comfort and image!

The doorman’s uniform: a warm coat or a cool tunic?

When we think of a doorman’s uniform, an elegant coat and a smart top hat immediately spring to mind.

The coat is designed with attention to every detail, from the fabric, which must be warm and water-resistant, to the interior of each coat, which is tailor-made for each situation. A padded and detachable interior can turn a simple coat into the perfect uniform.

But not all doormen work in the cold: there are also many wonderful resorts by the sea or in areas where the climate is affected by desert wind. 

In this case, the doorman's uniform must become an imperceptible veil to the wearer, without losing the elegant impact that continues to be of paramount importance in terms of image.  In this case, a doorman's jacket will be made of a breathable fabric that can withstand frequent washing.