The tailored concierge's uniform and Made in Italy

The concierge's uniform must take into account the evolution of this professional figure, providing an identifiable style but which has been adapted to the modern era. It is particularly important to make the formality required by the role more versatile in order to create a sense of trust among hotel guests and remove any kind of communication barrier betweens guests and the concierge.

It is key not to neglect the comfort factor in the design of the uniform, as a concierge has to be on their feet for many hours during the day and their activities require a certain amount of dynamism and drive, making high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship highly desirable. A concierge's uniform must simultaneously be perfectly aligned with the specific context or hotel in which they are operating, confirming the level of services the hotel offers its customers from the very first moment.

The best choice for the concierge's uniform is a tailored suit, an elegant and refined uniform that allows concierges to welcome and assist guests safely, efficiently and discretely. A hotel concierge's uniform must be high-quality and personalised while providing the best possible fit, which are all distinctive features of a  Made in Italy concierge uniform, an expression of the excellence of Italian style.