Professional kitchen clothing

You don't just look at a chef's hands, you also look at the chef's clothing as he moves around the kitchen. When he leaves his realm to greet guests in the dining room, it is extremely important that guests have a good impression, and this is conveyed by wearing a suitable chef's uniform.

Traditionally white and double-breasted, the chef's jacket is an unmistakable mark of quality. Practical, clean, and stylish, the classic chef's jacket can be enhanced with a few customised details such as buttons, a collar, cuffs, and pockets..

Chef's clothing

For kitchen assistants, a suitable alternative to the chef's jacket is the chef's coat, worn under the apron.

Whatever choice you make regarding chef's uniforms, there is no doubt that the elegance conveyed by this professional figure is an essential calling card with respect to the quality of the restaurant and hotel; qualities that come to the fore with all of Maurel's hotel uniforms.

The chef's coat: synonymous with the quality of a memorable culinary experience

The choice of chef's coat is primarily linked to practicality. While the chef's jacket must be functional and elegant, the chef's coat must above all be versatile, with plenty of pockets to allow the user to keep their kitchen utensils within easy reach. In addition, the fabric must have good ventilation and be easy to iron.