Waiting staff clothing: conveying professionalism and visibility

In their role as a bridge between front-of-house and kitchen, beyond reflecting the spirit of the venue, a good, well-kept and tidy server's uniform conveys to customers the idea that the kitchen is clean and professional too.

Though it may be the same style, the server's jacket should be easily recognised, standing apart from the chef's jacket or other members of staff. Servers' uniforms throughout a venue should be well-matched and each role easily distinguishable.

Summer server uniforms and accessories

A server's uniform should perfectly combine practicality, style and quality. From jackets to shoes, everything should both convey professionalism and assist servers in carrying out their work, facilitating free movement.

Summer uniform accessories can also be considered, such as waistcoats, ties or bow-ties. Elegant and, naturally, consistent with the character of the venue.

Servers's jacket: the secret to the perfect combination of comfort and quality

Just like any uniform for luxury hotels, servers' jackets should also feature well-defined details. The server's jacket comes in different models, from classic double-breasted jackets to single-breasted ones.

The choice of colour is also key, with the option of a classic black server's jacket or a white server's jacket for a more summery waiting staff uniform.