Waiters need to be good communicators, able to approach different customers in the right way and establish an empathic relationship with them.

Because they act as a bridge between the hall and the kitchen, well-kept and tidy waiters convey to customers the idea that the kitchen is also a clean and professional place – as well as positively reflecting the essence of the location.

Although with a style similar to the others, waiter jackets must be easily recognizable compared to those of chefs or other professionals: the clothing of the staff inside the restaurant will be well harmonized and the roles easily distinguishable.

Waiter uniforms should be a perfect mix of practicality, style and quality.
From the jacket to the shoes – everything must convey professionalism but at the same time facilitate the work by allowing freedom of movement.

You can then play with accessories such as a vest, tie or bow tie, without giving up being elegant and in line with the personality of the restaurant.

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