The service of a restaurant is raised to a higher level thanks to the presence of a wine expert. For this reason it is essential to add value to this figure with a sommelier uniform, which is composed of some essential items, such as shirt, tuxedo or, alternatively, black or personalized apron.

Contact with people is an integral part of the sommelier’s work. In fact, after having accurately analyzed each wine from an organoleptic point of view, sommeliers must be able to describe and especially to recommend to diners the perfect wine for their meal.

This is why the uniform for sommeliers is usually elegant and refined – to reflect the complexity of their work.

From the quality of the fabrics to the buttons and shoes, no detail should be left to chance – even the choice of typical accessories such as corkscrews and tastevins.

Last but not least, sommelier uniforms must also provide their wearer with a certain amount of comfort, so as not to hinder their work.

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Unique Style

We take care of every detail to create unique and personalized garments that reflect the style of each customer.

100% Made in Italy

We use only premium materials selected with the utmost care to create refined and elegant uniforms.

Qualified Staff

Experience, competence, passion. Our staff is extremely qualified – they have been making garments with exceptional skill for years.

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