It’s true that one of the first things you pay attention to when entering a hotel lobby is certainly the interior design – but a staff with elegant uniforms that match the location is an added value.

As receptionists have the task of welcoming guests, they must have a natural predisposition to contact with the public and a sober and well-kept look, which can communicate courtesy and professionalism to their guests. Such feelings can be transmitted even by choosing a nice, elegant and – in a way – stylish uniform for your staff.

To be always at their best, receptionists must wear beautiful but also practical uniforms, starting from the most important item – the jacket. This must be made with comfortable and quality fabrics, which can withstand even the most intense and hectic working days.

Every elegant and professional outfit, then, includes a nice shirt. In this case, it is important to choose a garment made of cotton or other premium fabrics.

Menswear is completed by a tie (usually made of silk or even more resistant fabric) and other accessories such as clutch bags and belts.

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We take care of every detail to create unique and personalized garments that reflect the style of each customer.

100% Made in Italy

We use only premium materials selected with the utmost care to create refined and elegant uniforms.

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Experience, competence, passion. Our staff is extremely qualified – they have been making garments with exceptional skill for years.

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