Elegance within reach, a memorable welcome

The importance of comfortable and versatile gloves for butlers and domestic helpers

Gloves are an essential accessory for housekeepers and butlers: they are an element that is both aesthetic and functional. They are especially indispensable in exclusive settings and on formal occasions, e.g. as a distinctive detail for the uniform of a luxury butler.White butler's gloves reinforce the exclusivity of the role, simultaneously guaranteeing hygiene and safety. In clothing for domestic helpers, cotton gloves offer a high degree of comfort, facilitating the dynamic tasks of this member of domestic staff.

The added value of an elegant butler's uniform for women

The profession of butler is transversal, and is increasingly being occupied by women. In these cases, striking the right balance between elegance, style and practicality is essential, while respecting seasonal dynamics. For a female butler, the summer and winter uniform must be chosen carefully to guarantee the correct fit and respect for position. The same applies to the butler's day uniform for everyday routine, which is alternated with an evening uniform for attending social events in a professional manner.

Correct clothing for male domestic staff

The presence of men in the role of domestic helpers requires different choices in terms of uniforms. A domestic helper's uniform with trousers fits this requirement perfectly, and should be combined with shirts or knitwear that facilitate movement.

An outfit for male domestic helpers can be completed with a jacket, for a perfect mix of quality and comfort. Jackets with a mandarin collar, made of durable fabrics and with short or long sleeves depending on the season, are a great solution.