The barman is an extremely versatile figure – from morning coffee to late night cocktails, he keeps his customers company at all times of the day.

It’s the close contact with customers that makes a flawless attitude necessary. High quality barman uniforms help to raise service standards and customer satisfaction.

Bartender uniforms must be durable and suitable for every moment of the day. While looking elegant and sharp, in the evening bartenders can add some original details to their clothing – they will look great while showing customers their mastery in mixing and shaking.


An elegant garment that can be very fashionable is, for example, the vest. Usually worn over a shirt, this sleeveless jacket is widely used behind the bar counter, as it is very practical and allows for greater freedom of movement.

And if you want to add an apron, tie, bow tie or any other detail, Maurel’s staff will know how to make it unique and tailored to your luxury hotel.

Why choose Maurel


Unique Style

We take care of every detail to create unique and personalized garments that reflect the style of each customer.

100% Made in Italy

We use only premium materials selected with the utmost care to create refined and elegant uniforms.

Qualified Staff

Experience, competence, passion. Our staff is extremely qualified – they have been making garments with exceptional skill for years.

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